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Our Tools

Drone | Leica BLK360 laser and image scanner | Harava Geosurvey

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Our Products

Maps | 2D and 3D models | Spatial analyses

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Who are we

Managing director Romi Rancken

Romi is our geographical information specialist. He has 18 years of experience from working with and teaching others about geographical information systems.

Head of research Lauri Rapeli

Having worked 10 years with academic survey research, Lauri is responsible for our surveys.

Head of information systems Jesse Nissinen

Jesse manages the company’s information systems. He has been working with and developing websites and web-based systems since the 1990’s.

Romi Rancken

Our concept

At Coastwise we believe that if people

  • have access to relevant information
  • have means of interacting with that information in various ways
  • are offered an environment that supports exchange of information, personal views and knowledge,

then this enhances the  quality of discussions, meetings and decisions and strengthens democracy and sustainability.

This is how we think:

We especially emphasize the geographical aspect of information as it is relevant for understanding states and processes in our common environment.

We promote the production and use of open data.

We are inspired by the possibilities new technology offers, but nevertheless we put people before technology.

We believe that good visualizations are a key to understanding

Our services


The collection, production and analysis of geographical data

Surveys and analysis of survey data

The construction and maintenance of platforms for place-based activities

Touch-screen solutions for interactive, visual collaboration

What have we done?

Rusfor Consult

We did an analysis of a forested area in Siberia based on satellite images.

Raseborg municipality

We visualized the plans for a new residential area and captured the Castle of Raseborg in 3D:

The map-based survey tool Harava

We have given presentations to Harava users explaining the principles of building a good survey, and conducted a traffic hazard survey among school children:

Ilmajoki municipality

We designed a survey for Ilmajoki where the municipality collected opinions on the establishment of wind farms.

Gullö gård

We did a Story Map of Gullö Mansion and its famous flower valley.

Tenala Bygdegård

Using our new Leica BLK360 we scanned Tenala Bygdegård:
Link to Pointscene

Romi Rancken, CEO



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