Our BLK360

It’s finally here

After months of waiting, it’s finaly here, our very own Leica BLK360. This nifty and gorgeous little piece of technological art, combined with Autodesk ReCap Pro (and mobile) can do some pretty amazing things.
As of now we’re still doing some initial testing, but the results seem very promising. In the coming weeks we hope to get several of our long anticipated projetcs underway. Stay tuned for updates and reports on different projects here in the near future!

Tenala Bygdegård

Romi went out to Tenala to scan Tenala Bygdegård (Communicty Centre). The BLK360 performed admirably and working was swift as ever. The result can be viewed on pointscene.

The first one in Finland

This is a brand new product. We were lucky enough to be among the first ones to put our order in, and as a reults we are now the first proud owners of the Leica BLK360 in Finland. This is a tool that truly can help us “capture reality” and we hope to put it to the test in many different situations. If you have a project or task that could benefit from an affordable laser scan and/or 360° Imagery please do not hesitate to contact us!